Hi, my name is Richard Lin (Po-Ju Lin). I am the design director of SlideArt and the co-founder of Goldi Apple.

I have worked with a wide range of clients in various industries, including tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, consumer brands, banks, and academic institutions. Some of my notable clients include Nike, Google, BMW, Cartier, Nestlé, and other well-known international brands.

Co-founded Goldi Apple with Mike Ou and Sherry Feng, and I am responsible for finance and operational strategy.

In my free time, I enjoy thinking and writing. I have a newsletter called “Soul Croquis” where I share my ideas and insights.

嗨,我是林柏儒(Richard Lin),現為簡報藝術烘焙坊 SlideArt 設計總監,與金蘋果美學診所 Goldi Apple 共同創辦人。

簡報設計客戶遍及多個產業,包含科技業、生技藥廠、消費品牌、金融業與學術機構等。曾為 Nike、Google、BMW、Cartier、雀巢等知名國際品牌設計簡報。


喜愛思考,撰寫《靈魂速寫 Soul Croquis》電子報分享我的想法。


Co-founder, Goldi Apple , Since 2023

Design Director, SlideArt, Since 2014

Bachelor of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, 2016


金蘋果美學診所 共同創辦人,2023 年至今

簡報藝術烘焙坊 設計總監,2014 年至今

國立臺灣大學 化學系 學士,2016